Miniature Food Jewelry: Ice cream Necklace

Polymer clay Vanilla Ice cream pendant

Polymer clay Strawberry Ice cream pendant charm

Polymer clay Chocolate Ice cream necklace with ball chain

Polymer clay Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream necklace

Polymer clay Cookies and Cream Ice Cream with cable chain

These realistic and adorable ice cream are my new version of ice cream.. They are handmade by using polymer clay.. I have created 5 ice cream flavor : Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip.. What is your favorite ice cream?? Please let me know in the comments below.. Thank you..


Which Ice cream shape that you like??


Hi.. Recently I have make some ice cream charms for Ice cream Series.. but I don’t know which ice cream design or pattern is more adorable.. So, can you do me a favor?? Tell me which ice cream shape or pattern you like..  Strawberry Ice cream or Vanilla Ice cream? Please let me know in the comments below.. Thank you very much.. :)